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Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting in Bismarck

businessman working in officeEvery business relies on timely and accurate accounts to function. Having a professional accountant on your side ensures reliable accounting and the wisdom and insight of a seasoned financial expert. By getting to know you and your business accounting needs, Point CPA develops strategic plans to help you leverage and grow your business.

We work with Bismarck, Mandan, and North and South Dakota small businesses like yours, providing the personal, individualized assistance you need to reach for financial success. Our office is located North of Menards on Lockport Street in the grey building on the east side of the road. We can consult with you in our office, by virtual meeting, conference call, or at your location. We offer a free tax checkup every year and a free initial consultation. Call us today!

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Our Comprehensive Accounting Services

Working with our team gives you closer and more immediate access to the professionals and experienced decision-makers. Whether you are beginning a new startup or have an established enterprise, you can rely on our accounting services to maintain profitability and identify new opportunities. At Point CPA, our accounting services guide you toward your goals with accurate reporting and record-keeping. These services include but are not limited to:

Businesses We Serve

With our organized and accurate accounting services, you can be sure that your small business is in skilled and reliable hands. At Point CPA, we specialize in providing efficient and comprehensive accounting for small businesses of all types, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Golf Courses
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Dealerships
  • Retail Stores & Franchises
  • Dental and Medical Practices

QuickBooks Accounting Setup and Assistance

Image of business owner placing open signQuickBooks can give you useful information in the form of financial statements and reports. However, it can only provide this information if you purchase the right product and then install and use it properly. Point CPA offers the QuickBooks setup, training, and support you need to streamline your financials.

We take time to understand all your financial goals and create a QuickBooks small business accounting plan that helps you achieve these things positively and proactively. Even if you do not use QuickBooks, we can assist with any system you are currently using.

Achieving Assurance with Reviews and Compilations

Considering the many financial transactions a company processes daily, it's no surprise that getting a full picture of your company's finances becomes more difficult over time. Reviews and compilations allow those within and outside your company to understand your financial standing quickly and efficiently. We provide compilations and reviews, delivering accuracy and assurance when you need it.

Compilations: A compilation collects the vast amount of financial records, organizes them, and reports them in a way that makes the information easily accessible and understandable. The information is not verified for errors but is still valuable for budgeting and business planning. It may also be sufficient to grant a small loan or line of credit.

Reviews: A review can prove a useful diagnostic tool for your company's accounting. While a compilation organizes the data, reviews involve a more thorough search highlighting errors and inconsistencies, such as double-billing. A review gives a compelling picture of your company's financial health and often provides assurance to help secure loans and investments. The way they organize and update your small business accounting data can make it easier to perform a future audit.

Professional Insight for New Business Startups

Before your business gets off the ground, there's a lot of ground to cover in preparing, securing financing, and creating a solid accounting foundation. For all this and more, the help of a professional CPA can be invaluable to your business. Here are a few of the many services we offer new startups:

  • Choose a Business Entity
  • Set Up Your Accounting
  • Create a Billing System
  • File for Local and State Licenses and Permits
  • Prepare Annual and Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Why Do I Need Small Business Accounting Services for a Startup?

We'll help you select the entity type that not only provides the best tax benefit at launch but will allow you to grow and mature into a thriving business. Your entity type determines when you have to file and whether you file for the business or through your return. We'll go through your options to make an informed decision that sets your company up for success.

Benefits of Professional Small Business Accounting

Image of business owner using tabletYour small business is growing, which means you have more decisions to make and more to track. We can help you avoid financial confusion by identifying ways your business can perform more effectively. If you want to make a significant purchase, for example, we can help you determine how it may impact your bottom line.

Tracking your company's financials can feel like an overwhelming task, and even small mistakes could cost you dearly in the long run. Our team can manage your small business accounting, saving you time and money, and give you confidence that you are set up for success now and in the future.

Helping You Maximize Your Efficiency

We know that companies today want to accomplish more than just increasing their bottom line. We're passionate about using small business accounting to help your company not only profit but prosper. Whether we help you set up financial processes through QuickBooks, generate reports, or identify costly problem areas, Point CPA will use every resource to optimize your financial situation. Call our Bismarck firm today to schedule your consultation!

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